Thursday, October 21, 2010


I haven't been a big fan of the fall in the past, but this year I am loving the season. I never realized how beautiful it is, and how welcoming the cool weather has been. This fall we have done a lot of fun things, especially spending a lot of time with family. Over Labor Day, we went to Manti with the Garfields to go four wheeling. It was so much fun! Jayden and I set up our new tent for the first time. Thanks to the Garfields season tickets to REAL we have gone to a couple of games as well. Real games are awesome. Last week was fall break and we loved being able to spend more time together. We went to the zoo, saw the social network, and had a date where we decorated Halloween sugar cookies ( We are both little kids at heart) :) I also read quite a bit over fall break. I started and finished It is a very moving book and a great page turner!

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  1. what book!? Looks like so much fun Chloe! Love te bangs by the way.


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