Monday, March 16, 2015

Your New Younique Presenter!

So call me crazy, as if I'm not busy enough between my photography and watching my friends daughter full time, I've decided to take on another "part time job". I am now a Younique Presenter! Younique is a makeup company that I have had my eye on for a long time. A friend of mine from elementary school is a Younique Presenter and I have been following her posts for a long time. I reached out to her to ask if I could host an online party. Well my party made a lot of $$$ and I got a lot of free makeup! I decided to sign up to be a presenter and here we are! I love the makeup and I especially love the 3D mascara!

Younique's most popular product is their 3D fiber mascara! You apply actual fibers onto your eyelashes, so it makes them look really long and full! It looks like you are wearing eyelash extensions! It seriously is so wonderful. Younique has a full makeup and skincare line, and I am excited to try all of the products!

This first image is to show how amazing the mascara is! The left eyelashes are with the mascara on, and the right eyelashes are without mascara. Check out the length and fullness! 

My presenters kit!

So happy to share these great products!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Gavin and Lily @ 3 Years and 16 Months

Gavin and Lily are at such fun ages right now! Ah I love it! Their personalities are so cute. Gavin is so sweet with Lily and now that she is getting older, they play together so well. Lily is starting to talk a lot too so it's fun to watch them communicate. I hope they always stay close!

I LOVE the stink eye Lily is giving Gavin in this photo

Here are some videos:

I'm not sure why they won't let me post them here.

Gavin reading "Dragon's Love Tacos"

Gavin and Lily making a big mess with a bag of pretzels!

Lily climbs to the top of a HUGE blowup slide:

There are tons of videos on my youtube channel. You can subscribe to see our latest videos :)