Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope everybody has a great Halloween! Gavin and I went to a Halloween themed Book Baby at the library this morning. Tonight we will be going to our wards parade and dinner. We will then take Gavin trick-or-treating. Mostly so our ward friends can see him in his costume. Gavin is the cutest little Poor Bear I ever did see!

More pictures from today to come later!

Monday, October 29, 2012

10 Months

Gavin is now 10 months and 1 week. We though Gavin would be walking for sure by now, but he thinks crawling is more convient haha. He is really strong on his legs and walks around the walls and furniture, but is a little scared to take the first steps on his own. Not a whole lot has changed since his 9 month post, but here are a few changes. He can now wave. He waves and says HI to everyone he sees. If we are in the store, he will try to get peoples attention and he gets upset if they don't acknowledge him. When he gets excited or thinks something is fascinating, he will put his lips in an O shape and whisper "wow". It is really cute. Gavin is really into biting these days...not so good. He will give you a kiss on the cheek and then bite down really hard. Or he will bite your toes, and it hurts! We are trying to teach him to not do that. The word "No" has been used A LOT these last few weeks :) Gavin says "dada" a ton. It is his favorite word right now.

                                      This video is of Gavin saying "dada" and waving hi

This video is of Gavin learning how to make new sounds and smack his lips together

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

San Francisco- Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, and Alcatraz

This is the last post from our trip to San Francisco. Sorry for the photo dump! 

On Saturday night we went to Fisherman's Wharf for dinner at Scoma's. The food was delicious despite the long wait. After dinner we walked over to Ghiardelli Square and bought some yummy chocolate.  On Sunday, we went to Alcatraz, which was pretty amazing. It is actually a beautiful island and the prison was really interesting to see. The audio tour was great and we learned a lot about the "rock". 

Driving down Lombard street

Dinner at Fisherman's Wharf 

The view from Lombard street


San Francisco from Alcatraz

Cool photo exhibit about former prisoners of Alcatraz

SO tired from having to wake up at 3:45 to catch our plane 

San Francisco- Chinatown & Muir Woods

On Friday, we did some shopping at a shopping mall next to our hotel while my dad had a meeting. In the afternoon we headed into the city to go to China town. China town was really neat. We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and walked around to see some of the different views and shops. We then headed back over the Bay Bridge to pick Jayden up from the airport! Wahoo! We were so excited to see him. We were so glad that he was able to join us for the rest of the trip. The next morning we went to Muir Woods. Muir Woods is beautiful and has VERY tall redwoods. It was really cool to see such a beautiful and peaceful place after being in the city.

Some of the views walking through China Town

We ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Gavin LOVED playing with the chopsticks. This photo was taken mid-fall out of his mouth. 

Our hotel rooms was across the San Francisco bay on the 11th floor, so Gavin loved standing up at the window and looking at all of the passing cars and lights

View driving over the bay bridge

Driving over the Golden Gate bridge on our way to Muir Woods