Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Welcome to our family, Daisy!

Last Saturday, we got an early Christmas present! I have wanted a dog since we got married, but we decided to wait until we bought a house to get one. Jayden surprised me a few weeks ago, saying that he wanted to get us a dog for an early Christmas present. I was shocked! Jayden always made it seem like it was more me who wanted a dog, well let me tell you, Jayden was so excited and way into it, probably even more than I was! We had been looking for a few weeks and we were checking out different options (rescues, shelters, craigslist). Well one day I was looking on Craigslist and I came across Daisy's ad.

Here is Daisy's ad:

Hello, My name is Daisy!
I am a Australian shepherd mix 10 month old puppy. I have all my shots, I am microchipped, and I am spayed! I may be a little older than most puppies but I am completely potty and crate trained. I will let you know when I am hungry by sitting by my bowl. I know all my basic commands such as out, sit, wait, lay down, come (I will come to the sound of a whistle as well). If I have to go potty I will paw the door (don't worry, no marks are left behind) to let you know I need to go! I am shy with other dogs at first but quickly warm up and bond. I love everyone I meet and have never shown any signs of aggression. The only reason my owner has decided to put me up for adoption is because she is planning on moving into an apartment and knows I would not be happy without a big yard to play in like I have now. 
Before we adopted Daisy, we were told she was lab and thought she would be a little calmer. We had a DNA test done and learned she was an Australian Shepherd mix. I had hoped she would calm down as she grew but she has not. I know she would not be happy in an apartment, so though it breaks my heart to be putting her up for adoption, I am trying to do what is best for her. She has a great deal of energy and needs a place she can run around and catch lizards so we will not adopt her out to anyone who is in an apartment. Daisy is a big cuddle bug and often sleeps like a human which I always found adorable. She's good with kids and other dogs but gets very excited around cats, not aggressive just excited and wants to play. If you're interested in adopting her, call me at show contact info I will require a vet recommendation and visits before adoption to introduce Daisy into her new home gradually (at least 2 visits). We will be charging an adoption fee of $100 to ensure serious inquiries only. She will come with her own crate, some toys, and some food. 

She is 19 inches at the shoulder standing and approximately 40lbs (but overweight)

I saw the ad and emailed it to Jayden. We called immediately and knew that she would be perfect for us. We called, emailed, and texted, and heard nothing! We were really bummed. About two days later, we heard back from the owner, apologizing (had a family emergency), and wanted to schedule a meet and greet with us. We scheduled it for Saturday, and knew it was just a meet and greet and that they wanted to bring her over at least two times before letting her stay if they chose us. They brought Daisy over and we loved her immediately! The owners loved us too, that they told us they felt good about us and let her stay then and there! The owner went back to her house to get Daisy's crate and her things and we kept her that very day! It was exciting because we didn't know we were getting a dog that day.

So far the transition has been great. She is such a friendly dog and loves us all. She sleeps on her dog bed on our bedroom floor and she loves to cuddle. She stays on her bed the whole night, but in the morning is so excited and jumps up on the bed and wants to cuddle and play. Daisy thinks she is a lap dog and will come right up on your lap for attention. She has been great with the kids. I bought a cable for our yard until the fence is done. I put Daisy out there for a few hours a day so she can get some exercise and sunshine. Yesterday, we were taking a nap, and Daisy was out there, I woke up and she somehow got off of her cable! However, she stayed right in our yard! She is already such a loyal dog and listens to commands. We love her! Welcome Daisy!

the first chewing casualties 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lily's 1st Birthday!

On Lily's birthday, Jayden took the day off of work and we drove to Orlando and spent the day at Universal Studios. We left Jacksonville at 6:45 am. We had a full day in the park, then we drove back and had a virtual party with both of our families. We skyped/facetimed with them while Lily opened her presents and ate her cake. It was an awesome day!

On our way to Orlando

There were hardly any waits! This ride was a 2 1/2 hour wait this August when we were there. Since Jayden and I had to ride all the rides individually, we were able to go in the single rider line, which had no wait at all! It was awesome walking right on the rides.

Both Gavin and Lily both fell asleep by 11 am. 

meeting Curious George!

The Hogwarts Express is really fun to ride!

Lily with her baby doll that she got from her Grandma and Papa G. 

2 phones, the tablet, and the laptop were all being used to Skype and FaceTime at the same time. 

Lily's birthday presents

Lily and her doll stroller that we gave her

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lily's 1st Birthday Photoshoot!

Lily's first birthday is tomorrow! I had a photoshoot today for her first birthday. I love how these photos turned out! My good friend Alesha helped me and she was such a lifesaver! I can't believe that  this sweet and sassy girl is already ONE!!!