Friday, June 29, 2012


We LOVE the drive-in. Jayden and I have been quite a few times over the last few years. We went last weekend, and it was our first time taking Gavin. Gavin loved it and did so well! Since the movies start at 9:30, it was already past his bed time. We were still adjusting from Hawaii time, so he wasn't that tired. He had fun hanging out with us until the movie started. Once the first movie started, he soon fell asleep. He slept in his car seat in the car for the rest of the movie(s) and did even make a peep! Having our truck is so nice for the drive-in. We inflated our air mattress in the back of the truck and it was really comfortable!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hawaii-Zipline Tour

On our last day in Hawaii, our flight left at 8:30 pm, so we had most of the day on the island. We decided it would be fun to go on a zipline tour. We checked out of our hotel in the morning, and headed over to the zipline course. My mom and dad watched Gavin for the afternoon and got to watch us on some of the ziplines. The ziplines were so much fun! The ziplines were up in the trees pretty high. The scariest part was the bridges that you had to cross and climb to get to the next zipline. The bridges consisted of mostly 2x4's! It was exhilarating and a good adrenaline rush!

Ready for our adventure!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hawaii-Luau and Train Ride

On Friday night of our trip, we went to a Luau! The Luau was on a plantation which grew acres and acres of tropical fruits, had beautiful trees, and farm animals. There is a train that travels through the plantation. The plantation offers train rides before the Luau, so we boarded the train and took a tour of the plantation. The plantation grounds were really pretty and Gavin really liked being on the train. After the train ride, they dropped us off back at the Luau. We found our table and then the Luau buffet started. The food was really good, especially the pork! We were really close to the stage, so we got a really good view of the Luau. Gavin didn't like the loud noises and all of the action going on, so we had to stand in back with him for some of the time. It was a fun night, and I'm glad we went!

On the train ride around the plantation

Gavin having fun with Grandma

Gavin making funny faces

Inside of the train

feeding the animals

Gavin watching the animals from the train

very curious little boy!

Luau plate. This was my plate...I probably only ate 1/3 of it. Hardly made a dent!

They invited any couples that were on their honeymoon or anniversary to come to the stage and dance. We weren't there for either, but we went anyway.