Friday, July 27, 2012

Our 2nd Anniversary

Jayden and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last weekend! It has been an incredible first two years. Jayden and I have a system for Valentines Day and our Anniversary. We switch off planning, so this year I did Valentines Day, and Jayden planned our anniversary. Next year we will switch. It is great, because we both get surprises and get to see what the other has planned. Jayden did a great job planning this year. I had no clue what the plans were. My parents watched Gavin for the night, so we could have a night to ourselves. Jayden came home with two dozen red roses in hand for me. We then left for dinner.  Jayden started driving, and was driving all over the place, trying to trick me to think we were going one place, then would start driving the other direction. We started driving up Big Cottonwood canyon, and I just thought that we were killing time before dinner. We ended up at snowbird and I realized that is where were eating dinner. We ate dinner at the Aerie restaurant, which was excellent. The view from the restaurant was amazing. The food was very gourmet and delicious. For an appetizer we had quinoa fritters. Jayden got the salmon and I got the beef tenderloin. Both were really good. After we ate dinner, we headed back down to SLC. We went to our favorite frozen yogurt place near our apartment, and then went to a movie. I had been bugging Jayden to go see What to Expect When Your Expecting at the dollar theater, so we went to see the movie.

Monday, July 23, 2012

7 Months

Gavin is 7 months old today! Gavin is growing like crazy. Not too much has changed since the 6 month update. Some new things are that Gavin has learned to squeal more when he is happy or gets excited. Gavin can now stay up on his knees for a little bit, but isn't crawling yet. He is starting to eat finger foods. He loves watermelon and yogurt drops. We lowered Gavin's crib down this last week, because his is getting pretty close to pulling himself up. He likes having his crib lowered, because he can see his room and is much happier in the mornings. Gavin loves puppies and gets so excited to pet Truffles (my families dog). Gavin loves to be outside and loves the trees and birds. Gavin has started to baby talk a lot more this month. He is close to saying "mama".  We sure love this little guy a lot! He is getting more fun every day!

Double Bridal Shower

My two best friends growing up are getting married within two weeks of each other. Sara got married this last weekend, and Kirstin is getting married August 3rd. I wanted to throw them both a bridal shower, so I decided to do a double bridal shower, since a lot of their friends are the same. I love these girls so much, and am so excited for them to start their new married lives! Here are some details from the shower.

There wasn't a specific theme to the shower, but I the food was Mexican. There was chicken tacos, rice, chips and salsa and guacamole. For the drinks, we had Pineapple Juaritos. We played a few games, including how well do you know your fiancee?

Fruit tarts

Peanut butter chocolate balls

Pineapple Jarritos

Don't mind the formula and cutting board. haha.

We were supposed to make funny faces in these next photos. Guess I was the only one.

The gift boxes I made for Sara and Kirstin

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fourth of July Weekend-Camping

The Garfield's went camping over Fourth of July Weekend. We were originally planning on going camping, until Jayden had a crazy work week and a business trip planned for the weekend. We told the Garfield's we wouldn't be able to go, and we were pretty bummed. However, last minute, Jayden's business trip got cancelled. We weren't able to go as long as we hoped, but it was a great trip. We left on Friday night and came back Sunday afternoon. We actually surprised Jayden's family, except for Ryan. It was fun seeing their reaction when we pulled up to the campground. We had a nice day of hiking, four-wheeling, and hanging out around the campfire. It was a great getaway!