Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Year in Review/ A Christmas Newsletter

Lily at 13 Months

Lily is at such a fun age! Here are some things about Lily at 13 months

  • Lily has 12 teeth!
  • Lily is fully weaned from breastfeeding
  • Lily can say quite a few words. A few new ones this month include: "dog", "Daisy", and "eyes"
  • Lily can blow kisses
  • Lily can point to your eyes, mouth, and nose
  • Lily has been sleeping 11-12 hours straight a night now that she is weaned! 
  • Lily loves our dog Daisy. She gets excited and yells, "Hi Daisy!"
  • Lily loves her binkies
  • Lily loves sliding and swining
  • Lily is such a good eater! She eats whatever we are eating and is getting good at chewing up her food with all of those teeth!
Lily put on my heels by herself and even took a few steps in them before she fell! I was impressed!

She's such a goofball!

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Last Week of November

We had a great last week of November and a good Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving we had our friends Meagan, Sean, and their baby Levi over for dinner. In the morning Jayden played in a turkey football bowl with 3 wards. Alesha was there with Charlotte too so we walked around and let the kids play on the playground. We then went to see Penguins of Madagascar in the theaters. Gavin loved it and both of the kids were great the whole time. Dinner was so yummy and we were happy to have a low key night and just relax afterwards. 

Lily fell asleep in the car and was so tired that she stayed asleep when I put her in the cart. This was for Thanksgiving shopping. 

Gavin doing some Thanksgiving crafts

Making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

homemade chicken noodle soup

Thanksgiving morning

at the turkey bowl

Gavin pretending to be like the penguins

our Thanksgiving table

the traditional sees turkeys my mom sent us

fun to use our china

Our turkey was SO good! We brined it for the first time this year and we will be brining it every year from now on!

The day after Thanksgiving we went and got our Christmas tree!

We watched Levi on Friday night while meagan and Sean went to a movie. Gavin and Lily were very interested in him

On Saturday we took Daisy to the dog park with Jamie, Leslie, and Elle. The kids played on the playground after

Lily fell asleep like this. 

Gavin "picked me a flower" only it was out of our potted flowers. haha. 

Gavin looking at the Thanksgiving card from Grandma and Papa G. 

Gavin painted my nails

Lily is completely weaned now. This was the last time she nursed 
Lily bit Gavin on the cheek! Ouch!