Friday, March 22, 2013

March Photo Dump

I realize that I haven't been posting as frequently lately. I haven't posted pictures from my phone in a while either, so here are a bunch of photos from this month.

Earlier this month, I was able to throw my friend and Jayden's cousins wife Kinzie a baby shower. It is a funny story, because Kinzie and I grew up together, went to elementary, jr high, and high school together. Kinzie ended up marrying Jayden's cousin Brad, so now we are kind of related. It is fun!
Gavin helping Kinzie open her presents

 My friend Alyx gave me eyelash extensions!

This was from a few weekends ago when my parents were over for dinner and my dad snapped this photo of Gavin who fell asleep on me while watching tv
 Also, my dad got this picture. At first he told me to stop so he could take a picture and I didn't know why. Then he told me that I had a sucker stuck to my sweatpants that Gavin had been eating earlier. haha. Being a mom isn't so glamourous sometimes.

 I love Trader Joes and they have the best flowers. They are really inexpensive too!

 Last week when the weather was nice a warm, we went to the park and had a picnic and played on the playground. It was 72 degrees. Now it is snowing.....bring back the warm weather!

 I stole this photo from Heather Campbell, as you can see. Haha I was too lazy to open in it photoshop and crop it. But here is the story. Jayden played soccer for Weber High back in the day. Jaydens brother Quayde just made the soccer team and they had an alumni game vs. the current soccer team. It was fun to go watch Jayden and all of his friends get their butts kicked!

 Now that Gavin can feed himself with a spoon and fork, it means that meal time is a lot messier now. This one is called the breakfast beard

 My parents got Gavin a truck for their house. Gavin tested it out this last weekend
 This silly boy thinks that he can hide from me behind the curtains, it is the cutest thing.

More Trader Joes floweres

 Gavin hates when Jayden  has to study and not pay attention to him. So the other night, Gavin climbed onto Jayden's lap and just cuddled with him while he studied.

 Gavin loves giving daddy hugs

 We discovered the cutest playground by our apartment this week. We had no idea it was even there, until someone from our ward told us about it! It is a little kid playground perfect for Gavin's size. They have a really cute sandbox with all of these fun trucks too!

 Gavin helping mommy bake chocolate banana muffins
 Gavin eating the chocolate banana muffins, which he loved!

 And after getting all messy from the muffins Gavin needed a bath!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chloe Cooks: Our own verison of Cafe Rio Pork (with a kick!)

  We had some leftover pork in the freezer, and I decided it would be fun to make Cafe Rio Pork. I found a recipe that I liked, and bought the ingredients. Turns out when I went to put it in the crock-pot Sunday morning, I missed one of the ingredients on the list. So...I made up my own recipe. I was afraid that it wouldn't taste very good having to improvise to much. But it turned out way good! It was like a spicy version of Cafe Rio's pork, which we love spicy food in our house, so that wasn't a big deal. Here is my recipe:

1 16 oz. bottle of Dr. Pepper ( not diet)
1 cup of brown sugar
1 can of chilis in adobo sauce
a couple cups of chunky salsa

I put the pork in a plastic bag with 1/2 bottle of Dr. Pepper and 1/2 c. brown sugar. I let that marinade for a few hours. Then I place the pork in a crock pot on high for 6 hours. After the pork is done, shred the pork and add it back to the crock pot I then used my food processor to make the sauce. I took the sauce from the chilis in Adobo sauce and put it in the food processor. I then took a few of the chilis and placed them in as well. The more chilis you add the spicier it will be. Then I added the remaining Dr. Pepper and brown sugar. Pulse the mixture until well combined. Add the salsa and then pulse to just combine. Add it back to the crock pot and let the pork cook for about another hour. You can add more brown sugar if it needs to be sweeter.

I didn't want to go to the effort to make the dressing the Cafe Rio has, because it is a lot of work. Luckily I found a Cilantro dressing from Trader Joes ( LOVE Trader Joes!). I also made cilantro lime rice and black beans. Jayden also made his famous guacamole.

 Poor Gavin's excezema  on his face flared up from the spicy food. That's why his face is so red, but he sure loved the food and made a big mess!

Monday, March 11, 2013

At the Park with Daddy

Yesterday we took Gavin to the park. The weather was so nice and the entire park was clear of snow. You could tell how much Gavin loved having Jayden there with him. They played together and we let Gavin run around and explore.

This was Gavin's expression while watching the ducks. He kept on shouting "Duh (duck)"

Gavin got tired and was pretty cuddly with Jayden. It was really cute.

going in for a kiss

can you spot Gavin?