Thursday, January 30, 2014


 Today was super cold here (30's) so it was a stay in sweats all day kind of day. I had pictured a day cuddled on the couch watching movies with my babies, but half way through a movie, Gavin got bored and said, " I want to go outside, turn the tv off!". I was a little disappointed, but you never can complain about a child wanting to play outside instead of watching tv. Gavin being the independent child he is went and found his shoes and his winter coat on his own. So off he went outside on our patio. Lily and I watched from inside. We sat right by the sliding glass door and watched him play. Gavin thought it was hilarious to make funny faces at me through the door. I decided to grab my camera to snap a few shots. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby Headbands in My Etsy Shop-Take a Look!

Hi all! I have started making baby girl felt headbands. I have added them to my Etsy shop. The link is

It helps having a cute baby to use as my model! If you are interested take a look or pass along to anyone that might be. Thanks!

Monday, January 27, 2014

January Days

Just some photos from our last few weeks:

The other day at playgroup at the park, the older kids enlisted all of the kids at the park to collect pine needles to build a big birds nest. Gavin was thrilled to be playing with the big kids and helping. He didn't even play on the playground!

Jayden and I were in the kitchen and Gavin disappeared into our room for a second when he came out he had gotten my makeup brush and eyeshadow and was trying to put it on his face. haha. 

We went to the zoo with our friends Robin and Donny last week. It was so cold so there was hardly anyone there, but we had a fun time. 

At cub scouts this week we painted bird houses. Gavin loves painting and scouts and was really excited to paint his own bird house. His is the small one one of the right. 
A few weeks ago we had a chili cook off at our complex. We won the chili contest and got a $50 AMEX gift card and we won the raffle and got a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet!