Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 1&2

I am going to combine the first two days, since the first day we did do much but fly. We left on saturday morning around 630 am. We were so tired and ready to get to Florida. We flew from SLC to ATL to MIA. By the time we got to Miami we were ready for some food and relaxing. We drove to our hotel where we stayed for a night. Once we got settled in, we decided it would be fun to head down to the beach to see the sunset. We come across this beach village where there were throngs of people. It took us 30 minutes to find a parking spot, but once we did we knew it was worth it. We put our name in for a seafood restaurant and headed down to the beach while we waited. It was nice to see the ocean and the supermoon rising above it. After dinner we were all exhausted so we headed by to the hotel. 

The Everglades park

Riding on the Airboat

Little brother Drew holding a baby alligator

Jayden&Chloe's Cabin

Jayden discovering the endless buffet for the first time

Leaving Miami

View from the top of the ship

SO many people on the beaches of Miami

Hanging out in the lounge

Dressed up for dinner the first night
The next day we woke up early so we could go the Florida Everglades before it was time to board the ship. We took an airboat ride in the Everglades and enjoyed to beautiful scenery. We were a little disappointed we didn't see any alligators ( last time we went, we saw tons!) but it was fun anyway. Next, it was off the board the ship! Jayden loved seeing the ship for the first time as we drove up to it. Once we boarded the ship, we went to check out our rooms and headed upstairs for lunch. The rest of the day we had fun exploring the cruise ship and watching it pull out of Miami and head out in the Ocean.


  1. HOW FUN!!!! I love the pics! They are adorable! You guys are SO cute! Your cabin looks great! Did you go down the water slide?

  2. Lovely. That's cool that you did some fun stuff before boarding the cruise. You guys are looking good in the bottom picture I especially love the skirt!


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