Saturday, March 31, 2012

3 Months

Pictures of Gavin sleeping...just because

Love this little man!

Gavin is trying to sit up on his own. He can stay sitting for a few seconds and then falls over. Gavin can roll to his side and lay on his side, he does it all the time now.

Gavin turned three months this last week! He is getting to be such a big boy! He is getting cuter everyday. Gavin loves to giggle. Gavin's new favorite thing is to look in the mirror and stare at himself, he also thinks he's pretty funny because he cracks himself up! We started to mix a little bit of rice cereal in Gavin's bottle at night before bed. Gavin is such a funny sleeper. He will sleep with his arms straight above his head, or either straight out to the side. Gavin is staying awake a lot longer during the day and he is going longer in between feedings. Gavin loves to sit up in his chair and he loves to see what is going on. Gavin's gums and teething is bothering him pretty bad, but still no tooth! Hopefully one pops up soon to give him some relief. Gavin has grown out of all of his 3 month clothes and wears all 6 month clothes. He will smile on command now, and is a happy giggly little boy. He has been so much fun this last week.

3 Month Stats: 16 pounds & 27 inches

He has grown 6 inches since he was born-holy moly!

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