Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Napali Coast

Kauai is famous for its beautiful Napali Coast. You can only see the Napali coast from a boat or a helicopter. We decided to take a catamaran snorkel cruise to see the Napali coast. Gavin couldn't come on the boat, since they only allow children ages 3-5 + years, depending on the company. Jayden, Drew, and I went on our snorkel tour in the morning, and my mom and dad went at night. It was 6 hours and we had to be there at 6:45 in the morning. On the way to the Napali coast, we saw 100+ dolphins! The dolphins would swim right next to our boat. It was so much fun to look down next to the boat and see the dolphins swimming along. We also saw a big pod of spinner dolphins that were doing flips and tricks next to our boat. The Napali coast was beautiful and we loved being out on the water. We were supposed to go snorkeling, but the water got too murky, so they didn't want us swimming where they couldn't see the bottom. Instead, they let us swim in the water with a pod of dolphins pretty close to us. I got in the water for a few minutes, until I saw jellyfish and even got stung by a little one! That scared me enough to jump out of the water pretty fast. Jayden and Drew were more brave than I was and stayed in for a while longer. They saw a 6 foot long jellyfish!

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