Tuesday, November 5, 2013

38/39 Weeks

Hi everyone! I am still pregnant, but hoping that I won't be much longer. We are all very ready for our baby girl to make her appearance. The end of this pregnancy has been a lot harder on me than my pregnancy with Gavin. I have been exhausted! I can't sleep for more than 20-30 minutes stretches at night without having to roll over. I have had two false labor nights this last week. I had two nights that were almost identical. I starting having contractions around midnight that were about 10 minutes apart. They were uncomfortable enough that I couldn't sleep through them at all. I kept on contracting until they got to about 5-7 minutes apart until 6 am where they tapered off. Those two nights wore me out to say the least. It is very discouraging when you think you are in labor and then the contractions completely go away! I never had any contractions like that with Gavin until I was actually in labor. We didn't go to the hospital though, because I knew that if I waited long enough at home they would either pick way up or slow down, and sure enough they slowed down and stopped. Ok, enough complaining. I am very grateful to be carrying our precious baby girl and that my body is able to have a healthy pregnancy. It is all so worth it! We can't wait to meet her. I am so excited to see what she looks like and to see her for the first time. I can't wait for the moment where Gavin gets to meet her. He has been talking about "Baby Lily" for quite some time yet, and I think he is confused why she isn't here yet! Gavin will be such a great big brother.

Here is an update on where things are:

At my week 36.5 apt I was 1 cm dilated
at my week 37.5 I was 1.5 cm dilated
At my week 38.5 apt (yesterday) I was 2 cm dilated

My body is slowly progressing. I had my membranes stripped yesterday, which made me crampy and I had some light spotting, but I feel fine today, so I'm not sure if it did much. Hopefully baby girl will decide to come on her own sometime this week/weekend, but if not then I will be induced sometime next week.

38.5 Weeks pregnant
She loves my right side. I feel like my belly is always lopsided!

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