Thursday, March 13, 2014

Road Trippin!

Last weekend we took a road trip up to South Carolina. Our good friends Trevin and Randee live in Charleston. It turned out that Jayden had a meeting last Friday in Charleston. We drove up Thursday afternoon. It was awesome because Jaydens work paid for our gas since it was a work expense! We had such a great time. Charleston is only a 4 hour drive from Jacksonville so the drive didn't seem long at all. Gavin and Lily both slept most of the time and they both do really well in the car. 

Friday, Trevin had to work, but Randee got work off so she could come with us downtown. Jayden's meeting was downtown so we tagged along with Jayden. While Jayden was in his meeting we took Gavin and Lily with us and we went shopping on King Street. It was rainy and cooler that day so we got starbucks hot chocolate. 

On Satuday, we started our day off by visiting a museum of the first successful combat submarine called the H.L. Hunley.

This was a replica of the inside of the submarine, you can see how small it was. This was actually for the movie that they made about the H.L.Hunley and it is bigger than that actual submarine was

It is hard to tell in the photo, but this is the actual submarine down in the water. 

Later that evening, we went to downtown Charleston again. We walked along the water and saw some of the different building and houses. We then went to the market and we went out to dinner. 

 We also got gelato, I got hazelnut and it was delicious! 

Trevin and Randees house

On the way home we drove through Savannah, Georgia. I love Savannah!

The sun was setting right as we drove over the Georgia/Florida border, it was gorgeous!


  1. Your pictures make me want to visit Charleston. Good job!

  2. so so fun! so glad you guys came!


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