Monday, December 15, 2014

Lily at 13 Months

Lily is at such a fun age! Here are some things about Lily at 13 months

  • Lily has 12 teeth!
  • Lily is fully weaned from breastfeeding
  • Lily can say quite a few words. A few new ones this month include: "dog", "Daisy", and "eyes"
  • Lily can blow kisses
  • Lily can point to your eyes, mouth, and nose
  • Lily has been sleeping 11-12 hours straight a night now that she is weaned! 
  • Lily loves our dog Daisy. She gets excited and yells, "Hi Daisy!"
  • Lily loves her binkies
  • Lily loves sliding and swining
  • Lily is such a good eater! She eats whatever we are eating and is getting good at chewing up her food with all of those teeth!
Lily put on my heels by herself and even took a few steps in them before she fell! I was impressed!

She's such a goofball!

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