Monday, January 5, 2015

Lily's Hospital Stay & RSV

Our sweet Lily got RSV and had to be hospitalized :( The timeline is as follows:

Saturday, December 13th: Lily developed a little cold

Wednesday, December 17th: I decided to take Lily to the pediatrician because her breathing was really fast and she was very lethargic. Her fever was also 103+. They did an RSV test and it was positive :( . Our pediatrician sent us home with instructions to keep an eye on her overnight and come back first thing in the morning. Jayden stayed up with her for the first half of the night and I stayed up with her the second half. She seemed to be doing a lot better the next day. The next couple of days we just monitored her and she was doing alright but still coughing a lot and breathing really fast. 

Friday, December 19th: Lily hadn't been eating or drinking very much the past few days. She had only one wet diaper, and hadn't had a pooped diaper in a few days. Around 11 pm, she had thrown up three times that day and started breathing really fast again. We decided to take her to the ER. We took her downtown to Baptist downtown/Wolfson's Children hospital. We got to the ER and they did a few tests. They put in a catheter to test her urine. They also started an IV and started fluids because she was dehydrated. Her levels were a 14 with a 20-24 being normal of being hydrated. Lily had also thrown up twice more since arriving at the hospital. After being in the ER for a few hours, they decided to admit us to the hospital. Oh and she also had a double ear infection. 

Once Lily was on the IV fluids, she slept pretty much for 36 hours straight. It was really scary to see her not responding or waking up. They told us it was normal and she just needed to rest. 

Saturday, December 20th: Lily was put on room air oxygen to help her oxygen levels. They wanted her oxygen levels to be above 90%. When she was sleeping they would drop down to 85-87%. 

Sunday, December 21st: They took Lily off of the oxygen and off of her iv fluids and said she would be able to go home once she was eating and drinking on her own and having wet diapers.

Monday, December 22nd: Lily went home around 3 pm! Yay! Just in time for Gavin's birthday and for Christmas. 

I stayed with Lily the first two nights and Jayden stayed with her the third. Thanks to a few friends in our ward for watching Gavin some of time we were in the hospital with Lily!  Our friends Pere and Jeanne were so sweet to bring us dinner two nights we were in the hospital! It was so helpful! Our fiends the Jones' also brought us dinner the night we came home from the hospital!

The pictures aren't in the right order. One thing I forgot to mention is Gavin was finally able to come visit Lily right before she was discharged from the hospital. They wouldn't allow children 5 and under in the hospital rooms, but they let him for a few hours. 

finally feeling well enough to stand up for a minute (this was Monday)

Santa and his elves came to visit! They also brought Lily this cute snowman

Eating Chick-Fil-A right before we went home

Some photos of the children's hospital 

eating some broth

yummy Mexican food that Pere and Jeanne brought

waiting in the ER

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