Saturday, February 28, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

 I LOVE Valentine's Day. It is so much fun! This year we had a great Valentine's weekend. We started out Valentine's weekend out by going on our date on Friday night. It was my turn to plan V-day this year. I chose to go to a restaurant called Moxie and then to the Jacksonville Symphony. It was a great date night! On Saturday we went to the zoo! When we got home from the zoo we made our Chicken Parmesan for dinner!

Jayden surprised me and got me a Valentine's present. It is a BeLiss Pro curl genius. It sucks your hair in and curls your hair for you! It's awesome and I love it!

Gavin and Lily's balloons

Lily's valentines presents

Gavin's valentines present. He got his own sleeping bag!

funny valentines for jayden

the roses that Jayden brought me

our Chicken Parmesan dinner

Gavin and Lily and their Valentine's balloon

my new outfit I got for our date

Jayden giving Lily her rose last year and then this year

blossoms at the zoo

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