Friday, March 13, 2015

Gavin and Lily @ 3 Years and 16 Months

Gavin and Lily are at such fun ages right now! Ah I love it! Their personalities are so cute. Gavin is so sweet with Lily and now that she is getting older, they play together so well. Lily is starting to talk a lot too so it's fun to watch them communicate. I hope they always stay close!

I LOVE the stink eye Lily is giving Gavin in this photo

Here are some videos:

I'm not sure why they won't let me post them here.

Gavin reading "Dragon's Love Tacos"

Gavin and Lily making a big mess with a bag of pretzels!

Lily climbs to the top of a HUGE blowup slide:

There are tons of videos on my youtube channel. You can subscribe to see our latest videos :)

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