Saturday, July 25, 2015

Our Bedroom Makeover

I decided to surprise Jayden for our 5th Anniversary by redoing our bedroom. Our bedroom is the one room that hasn't had any attention since we moved in 10 months ago. Jayden was down in Orlando for a business trip and then in Utah for his grandmas funeral. While he was gone I painted and completely redid it! I LOVE how it turned out! Take a look...

Here's a before picture

Our paint I got from Home Depot. It is a Behr flat paint

Our bedspread is Cynthia Rowley, I found from Tjmaxx

The curtains are from TJmaxx as well

The decorations I found from Hobby Lobby

The photo of us is a wood etching that Jayden had done of us a few Christmas's ago.

Jayden was SO surprised and SO happy! He loves it and was so happy.

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