Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011

I know this post is late, but things are a little busy around the Garfield household right now! I will try to get caught up on blogging ( since Gavin is taking a nap right now). 

Christmas this year was the best Christmas of our lives. We brought Gavin home from the hospital on Christmas morning just in time for a day full of Christmas fun. We were discharged from the hospital at 10 am, so we had the whole day at home. First, my family came over to our apartment for Christmas brunch and for presents. After my family left, Jayden and I opened our presents from each other. Jayden's family came over and brought us Christmas dinner! It was a lot of fun to spend Christmas with our families and we are so grateful that they came to visit us ( and bring us food :) ) I wish I would have taken more pictures of our family and the events of the day. Christmas this year had a whole new meaning. Bringing home your newborn on Christmas day is a really special experience that I am glad we were able to have.

Cute Jazz outfit that Drew bought for Gavin

Gavin's second Christmas outfit

My presents from Jayden, he did good!

Look how handsome my boys are!

Jayden's stash

Gavin's first Christmas outfit that he only wore for about 1 hour right before he peed all over it!

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