Wednesday, February 22, 2012


If anyone still reads our blog...sorry I have been MIA lately! This semester has been so busy so far and is only going to get busier. It figures that my hardest semester of college is the semester of college where I also have a newborn...go figure. I'm talking about course load and out of class work though. I cannot wait until the end of April when school is over. It is almost going by too fast though, because I know all of the things that I have to get done before then and it scares me! We will survive though, even if it is only on a few hours a sleep a night. I am really hoping Gavin will start sleeping through the night soon. Nothing too exciting has been going on this month. School and work is consuming most of our free time. Although, we do know how to work hard and play hard. We do relax a lot on the weekends and make time for ourselves.

Just a little recap of things that have been going on. Valentines Day was great. Jayden and I didn't celebrate on the 14th, because we had work and school until the evening, so we decided we would wait until friday to celebrate. Valentines Day was still great though. My mom came up to babysit that day while I was at school. She made us a lovely Valentines Day dinner and dessert. It has been so nice having my moms help while I am in school!

On Friday for our Valentines celebration we went to the Roof and on a horse carriage ride through downtown SLC. My parents watched Gavin for the night so we were able to get some time to ourselves. On Saturday, we were able to go to the temple and see a movie. We saw "This Means War", which we thought was hilarious, despite some bad reviews. Then to finish off the long weekend, we went to the Jazz game with Jaydens parents, Ryan and Jodi. The weekend was too good to us, and it was hard to get back to work/school on Tuesday. 

Gavin goes to the doctor for his 2 month appointment on Friday and he gets his first round of shots...I will let everyone know how it goes after. Gavin is doing great and growing so much! I had to put a stack of his clothes away that he has already outgrown. Gavin pretty much started in 0-3 month clothes. He only had a few newborn pieces of clothing and he only could wear them for about a week. Now he is wearing a lot of his 6 month clothes too! It amazes me how much older he looks everyday. He is very alert now and is interacting. Gavin loves to look at his mobile. We will put him in his crib and he will giggle and coo at the animals when he is all by himself. He loves making noises and tracking objects!

Dinner at the Roof

Carriage ride through SLC

Grandma and Grandpa with Gavin at the Jazz game

How handsome are they!?


The Moby Wrap

All bundled up ready to go to the Jazz Game

Gavin's clothes that don't fit anymore!

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  1. So cute! I don't know how you're doing school with a baby. I totally admire you. Keep it up! It'll all be worth it! Also...I think you said those are Jayden's parents. If so, you totally look like his mom! He looks just like his dad.


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