Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

We had a really fun and busy Thanksgiving week. We kicked off the week by going to the Jazz game on Monday night. Drew and his roommate Jon, and their friend Emi drove down from Utah State for the week. We went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then to the Jazz game. Both Jon and Emi are from out of state so they didn't go home for Thanksgiving. It was fun to have them around for the week. On Thanksgiving, we spent the day with both of our families. In the morning, we met Garfield's at the zoo. We then went to the Garfield family dinner in Farmington. After the Garfield dinner, we drove down to Alpine for the Flathers dinner. Both dinners were really good and fun! We were pretty tired by the time we got back home.

On Friday, Drew went through the temple. It was a great day and we are so proud of him! Ryan & Jodi watched Gavin for the day, so we could be apart of his session in the temple. After the temple, we drove up to Pleasant View and spent the night at Garfield's house. Jayden had a flag football game in the morning for his friend's Doug's birthday party. It was fun to see all of his old friends and their wives.

Ready for a photo overload??? Ready or they come!

Gavin had his own kids pepperoni pizza at CPK

At the Jazz game, we couldn't get Gavin to stop chewing on his glowstick

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At the zoo, standing next to the Gorilla comparison

Fun at the zoo!

Gavin and his uncle Taylor

My handsome boys in their sweaters!

This is us in a post-2 Thanksgiving dinners coma

Love when my baby snuggles up and falls asleep while I am holding him
Gavin eating his chocolate turkey

The amazing desserts my mom made for Thanksgiving. SO much better than pie...yuck!
Our family after Drew's session in the temple
Drew and his roommate Jon and his friend Emi

The gorgeous temple when the sunset in the window

Gavin playing at the playground while dad played football

Showing Gavin how to play with the football
Most of our Sunday's at church are spent chasing Gavin. The last few weeks we can't even sit through Sacrament meeting. We hang out in the Relief Society room, Luckily we can still hear the meeting through the speakers.

And success is when Gavin falls asleep during church, giving us a little break!

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