Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Christmas In Photos

This Christmas was wonderful, and very busy. We had Gavin's birthday on the 23rd, where we had family over for a party. Christmas Eve was spent with Garfield's at their house. We had a relaxing day, had a nice dinner, played games, watched the Nativity, and opened presents. We got back to our apartment on Christmas Eve around midnight, put Gavin to bed, and then set up the presents. We went to bed, only to get a few hours of sleep, and then woke up at 7:30 to open presents. Gavin was not happy that we woke him up so early, but we had to open presents and get ready to go down to my family's house for Christmas breakfast and to open presents.

 Gavin's present from Uncle Taylor, Aunt JoLynn, and Uncle Quayde

One of Gavin's presents from my parents was this Christmas Elmo. They gave it to him a few weeks before Christmas so he could enjoy it.
 This is what Gavin got in his stocking from Santa:

 What Gavin got from Santa as well

 He got this cute Sesame Street table that goes in his room. It is perfect to snack and play at. So far his favorite thing to do with it is to climb on top of it.

 gGavin loves his huge teddy bear!

I gave Jayden these customized cuff links

 Jayden made me these amazing photos that were lasered onto wood. He has access to pretty cool equipment to make these!

 What I gave Jayden for Christmas
 Gavin decided to eat one of his new crayons that he got in his stocking, it got all over his pajamas and all over his mouth, he wasn't very happy!
 Trying to get all of the crayon out!
 What I got from Jayden

 My new clothes I got for Christmas

 Playing with his blocks that he got from his Great Uncle Jason
 Opening a present from his Great Grandma
 How cute are these slippers?!

 A really neat gift to Jayden from my parents, his Priesthood line of authority

 Jayden was trying to get Gavin to open presents, but he was too tired

 Gavin trying out his popper from Uncle Drew
 Gavin got a jazz jersey from his grandma and grandpa
 I got a food processor! I have always wanted one, and I love it!

 The Christmas dinner table

 The Vanfleet boys opening their presents
 This was my favorite photo of the day, Gavin watching Truffles (the dog) out the window

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