Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We were SO sick last week. It was the worst. I am so grateful for our health after going through the experience we went through last week. Jayden, Gavin, and I caught some stomach bug. We think it might have been from some questionable food we ate. But man were we sick. Poor Gavin got it the worst. He had the runs for about 6 days. I felt so bad for him. Gavin and I both threw up. Jayden didn't throw up, but he had to stay home from work one day. I got lucky and only had it for about 15 hours and then it was gone. But I was so miserable and had the worst stomach pains and I HATE throwing up! By the end of the week I was going crazy because I hadn't left the house all week. We brought the guest room mattress out in the family room so we could lay on it during the day in front of the tv. Jayden and I slept on it a few nights too, to be closer to Gavin and Lilys room to get up with Gavin during the night. Gavin called the mattress in the family room the "office bed". We have no clue where he got that from! Thank goodness we are better now!

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