Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Get Better Soon, Lily Pad!

It seems like Lily has been sick or had a cold more of her six months than not. She has had at least 4-5 colds! Last week on our cruise, Gavin started getting a cold and cough. Gavin brushed it off pretty easily and it didn't bother him much. Towards the end of our trip, around Friday of last week, Lily started to be really congested and coughing. Her coughing would get really bad at night and in the morning. Each morning she would cough so much from so much mucus. She had a hard time breathing because her nose was so stuffed up and she had so much gunk in her throat. Yesterday morning, Lily woke up and was coughing the worst she has so far. She couldn't catch her breath in between coughing. It scared me SO bad! She finally threw up a bunch of mucus and could then breathe again. Needless to say, it freaked me out! It was so sad watching her go through that. We had Lily's 6 month checkup scheduled for yesterday morning so we just switched it to a sick visit. Our pediatrician listened to Lily's lungs and said they sounded like a mess, really crackly and she was wheezing. One of my biggest fears is that Lily would get pertussis (whooping cough). Lily was coughing at the Dr's and the Dr. was concerned because it had the "whoop" sound like it does with whooping cough. Lily has had 2 of the 3 DTAP vaccinations, so she is immunized, but not fully covered until she gets the third one (which she will get when she gets better). The Dr. brought in a nebulizer to do a breathing treatment. After the breathing treatment she listened to Lily's lungs again and said it made them sound a little bit better. The Dr. said that it could be pertussis or it could just be a really bad virus. They started treating Lily as if she has pertussis with antibiotics (her ears also looked like they were getting infected). Our pediatrician called the hospital and the ER doctor asking if they admit 6 month old babies with signs of pertussis. The ER doctor said no, just keep an eye on her and bring her back to the pediatrician in 24 hours. They sent us home with a nebulizer for Lily to do breathing treatments every 4 hours and started her on an antibiotic. 

It was a crazy day yesterday. I left for the pediatrician at 9 am and didn't get home until almost 4 pm! The visit took a long time and then there was a miscommunication with the pharmacy and the prescriptions so I was playing phone tag all afternoon trying to get the prescriptions filled. Lily was acting tons better with the breathing treatment, but I was dreading nighttime. I was really nervous to have Lily sleep knowing that her coughing would come back. I was also dreading the morning because of the coughing incident that we had earlier that day. It really made my anxiety get the best of me. I was emotional all day after watching Lily struggle to breathe earlier in the day. I asked if Jayden could give Lily a Priesthood blessing before she went to bed. The blessing was very peaceful and I knew that if I exercised my faith in the Lord that I could let Lily sleep soundly and that he would watch over her while we both slept. I had also been sick and was exhausted last night. I slept very deeply and woke up after 4 hours to give Lily her next breathing treatment and she sounded good! After her breathing treatment, we went back to sleep and got a restful night of sleep. This morning Lily woke up with clear breathing and no coughing! Completely different than yesterday. I know that Jayden's blessing helped Lily and I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for helping my baby girl. We go back to the Dr. this morning for a re-check to see where she's at. I'm starting to think that it is just a really bad virus that she has and not pertussis, which I am really happy about. Hopefully the Dr. gives us good new today. We will keep everyone posted!

Even though Lily has been sick, she is still her happy self! She is always so smiley even when she can't breathe. She is seriously the happiest baby. 

Lily getting her first breathing treatment in the Dr's office

They gave us a nebulizer to bring home. Jayden was really good at helping Lily with her breathing treatments last night. The seal is the machine, kinda cute!
 Gavin pushing the cart through CVS helping pick up the prescriptions 

After having such a long and crazy day yesterday, Jayden walked through the door with these :) I have to brag about him for a minute and say what a wonderful husband and father he is! 

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