Monday, June 2, 2014

Disney Cruise Day 2- Nassau, Bahamas and Blue Lagoon Island

Then second day of the cruise we were in Nassau, Bahamas. We did a shore excursion to Blue Lagoon Island. We took a catamaran to the island which took about 45 minutes. It was nice to be out on the water and to see Nassau. I love how blue the water is in Nassau!

On the ride to the island

The hotel Atlantis

Gavin loved the boat ride! When we got closer he kept on yelling, "I see the island!"

our attempt to get a family photo. haha. 

The island was a perfect choice for the day! There were beach chairs and lots of palm trees for shade. The ocean was awesome. It was like a pool because it was protected by land on both sides in the island so there weren't any waves. It was perfect for Gavin and Lily. There were a lot of hammocks, a buffet lunch, and different activities you could do. 

Gavin played SO hard this day. He wore himself out pretty much every day though. 

They had a swim with dolphins adventure. We didn't swim with the dolphins but we went over and watched them feed the dolphins and got a close up look!

That night for dinner, the restaurant that we were assigned that night was the Animators Palate. This was definitely our favorite! It was all about the animation of the disney movies. The first night we ate there it was about Finding Nemo. The walls were animated and would personally talk to you. It was really cool!

nursing Lily. This was the best spot to nurse her!

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