Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We Bought a House!

I think everyone has probably heard by now, but we bought a house! It is still in Jacksonville, but closer to Jayden's work, which is nice! It is only about 15 minutes away. We closed on our house a week and a day ago and it seems like we have been here forever. It feels so good to be in our home and we feel very blessed! We were able to get a 4 bedroom/ 2 bathroom/2,000 sqft home with 6/10th's of an acre for an awesome deal. The previous owners had to relocate for a job, so they had to sell quick. I feel like we got an incredible deal, because they also replaced the roof for us, which was $10,000. So we have a brand new roof and the house was totally move in ready! We are so excited to have a yard to play in. I know it will be a big learning curve on how to maintain a home, but we are looking forward to all that homeownership has to offer! 

I am also excited to have 4 bedrooms because it gives us a room to be a playroom. Gavin and Lily will share a room where they both sleep, they will have a playroom, we have a guestroom/office, and our master bedroom.
The day that we closed on our house.
right after getting the keys to our house

It is going to be really fun to have a front porch to decorate. I saw this wreath at Costco, and had to get it!

We moved all of our stuff over last Saturday. We had lots of people from our ward help, and some of Jayden's co-workers came too. It went really fast!

We have this bridge in our front yard. Gavin loves playing on it. It has a little stream that runs through the front yard as well. 

This was before we moved all of our stuff over. We slept at the house for a few nights last week before our beds got moved over. Gavin looks so cute sleeping on his mattress . 

I know this is a random photo, but I love these spice jars from Target!

Gavin helping move on Saturday. 

We painted 3 different walls before we moved in. The family room wall blue, one wall in Gavin and Lily's room, and one wall in the playroom, both green. 

With a big yard to mow, we decided to get a riding lawnmower 

We have made too many trips and have spent way to much money here the last week

Gavin saying hi to one of the cats that live in the yard. The previous owners "had" 2 cats that have lived in the yard. They are both fixed and they asked if they could stay in the yard and if we could feed them. They said that they keep snakes out and the animals out. 

Jayden replaced the garage door opener. The existing one had no safety features. Jayden got it installed pretty smoothly. I'm glad he's a handyman!

I love my kitchen!

Our first real meal. Spinach & sausage pasta, copycat rosemary bread from Macoroni grill, and salad!

Yesterday Jayden mowed the lawn for the first time! It was exciting. Gavin and Lily just took a picture and then got off of the lawnmower :)

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  1. I am so happy for you and your little family. There is not a feeling in the world to compare to that first home. Good for you that you're documenting it.


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