Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our BUSY Halloween Weekend!!!

Halloween weekend was SO busy. We had 3 full nights in a row, starting with Thursday night. We also had to turn in the keys to our apartment Sunday afternoon, so we were over there for hours on end. The good news is, Halloween was a success and Gavin and Lily had a blast! Everyone is a little worn out though :)

Thursday: We decided to take the kids to the Spooktacular at the Jacksonville Zoo. They did such a good job with it and it was SO cute and fun! The Spooktacular was a one way event through the zoo. They had different sections of the zoo decorated from movies. There was Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin, Wizard of Oz, The Nightmare before Christmas, Shrek, and Peter Pan. It felt like you were at an amusement park! It was really fun and cute. Gavin and Lily loved trick or treating there, they had about 7 stations through the zoo. They also got to ride the carousel. It was Lily's first time, and she LOVED it! Watch the video below.

Lily wouldn't let go of her bucket the whole night!

Snoopy and Charlie Brown!

Gavin with snoopy

It's hard to tell, but this piano is floating on a pond, pretty cool!

Gavin getting his hand painted

Lily loved riding the carousel 

Gavin with the gingerbread from Shrek

Here's a video of G & L riding the merry go round 

Friday: On Halloween we had our friends Meagan, Sean, and their baby Levi over for dinner and to go trick or treating. We decided on a new tradition for Halloween night, breakfast for dinner. I made a breakfast casserole, bacon, hashbrowns, pineapple, and juice. It was yummy! Then we went trick or treating in our neighborhood. It was a fun way to get to meet some of our new neighbors!

Every Halloween at Biomet (where Jayden works) they have a costume competition between the different groups. The R&D team dressed up as characters from the new lego movie. Jayden's costume was good cop/bad cop. They did an awesome job! They came in 2nd place 

Lily was scared of the costume!

Gavin's haul from trick or treating around our neighborhood

trick or treating!

our breakfast for dinner

fun Halloween treats that Meagan made!

Saturday: Jayden stayed back at the apartment to finish cleaning, since there was a lot to be done. I took the kids to our wards chili cook off and the trunk or treat. My chili won first place overall! I was really excited :)

Gavin was so tuckered out from 3 night of Halloween activities in a row! He passed out on the floor for 2 hours! haha. 

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