Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lily's 1st Birthday!

On Lily's birthday, Jayden took the day off of work and we drove to Orlando and spent the day at Universal Studios. We left Jacksonville at 6:45 am. We had a full day in the park, then we drove back and had a virtual party with both of our families. We skyped/facetimed with them while Lily opened her presents and ate her cake. It was an awesome day!

On our way to Orlando

There were hardly any waits! This ride was a 2 1/2 hour wait this August when we were there. Since Jayden and I had to ride all the rides individually, we were able to go in the single rider line, which had no wait at all! It was awesome walking right on the rides.

Both Gavin and Lily both fell asleep by 11 am. 

meeting Curious George!

The Hogwarts Express is really fun to ride!

Lily with her baby doll that she got from her Grandma and Papa G. 

2 phones, the tablet, and the laptop were all being used to Skype and FaceTime at the same time. 

Lily's birthday presents

Lily and her doll stroller that we gave her

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