Monday, February 21, 2011

Staycation & Recent Happenings

Picture overload

Today I told Jayden that the day felt like a staycation. The reason being, we got to spend the whole day together and we did fun things that we usually don't do! First we slept in together and then watched Pawn Stars. Then we met up for lunch with Jaydens parents at Macaroni Grill. Then we went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum, which was so cool! I have a fascination with planes, and every time we pass it, I mention how I want to go there. After the museum we had to pick Jaydens car up from the Nissan dealer and tried to complete a drive cycle so we can get it inspected. To complete a drive cycle you have to drive it around for a certain amount of time and going different speeds. We drove around in the canyon for about two hours. It was really pretty and I had my camera with me so I took some photos. Then we headed down to Gateway, where we went to dinner at Thaifoon, which is an asian restaurant. We have been wanting to try it and it was really yummy and didn't cost that much. I LOVE days off and when I get to spend the whole day with Jayden.

Other recent things:
  •  About a month ago we went to the Auto show which was a lot of fun. ( I just uploaded the photos so I forgot to post about it)
  • Valentines Day weekend, Jayden surprised me with a couples massage
  • Jayden started a new job and loves it!
  • We managed to finish all 40+ episodes of pawn stars in a couple weeks
  • We are going on a cruise next month
  • Jaydens car is drivable again ( after 2 months of being out of comission!)
  • My mom and I saw a film at the Sundance film festival up at Sundance
Pretty rose Jayden gave to me when I was sick on valentines day

At the Auto show

Jayden's girl in a brand new truck.

Up at Sundance

Before our valentines day couples massage

Eating at Thaifoon

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  1. I'm addicted to pawn stars too! If i get watching it, it's hard to turn off. I always make fun of how they always say, "well, if you'll let me get a buddy 'a mine down here, he can tell us how much this is worth." I loved the hill air force base pics. That place is awesome.


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