Sunday, July 10, 2011


The beautiful beach at La Push

Strawberry Picking

La Push has unbelievable driftwood

Skipping rocks

The Marina by my grandparents house

my mom and dad

Catching crabs

Seattle from the space needle

another view

We had a blast on our trip to Washington. We went with my family and stayed with my grandparents who live in Sequim. We spent a lof of time relaxing and just enjoying being there. The first day we flew into Seattle we spent the day in the city. Jayden had never been to Washington before, so we went to the space needle, went on a tour of the city, and also went to the Boeing plant where they make all of the airplanes. Some highlights of the trip were visiting the ocean, fourth of July, and eating seafood! We went on a day trip to a beautiful town called La Push right on the Ocean. We stayed in a cabin right on the beach and were there for fourth of July. La Push is on an Indian reservation, so there are no laws about fireworks. Everyone was lighting their fireworks off on the beach. The fireworks lasted for hours! It was the best fourth of July and fireworks show we have ever seen.

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