Friday, August 17, 2012

Life Lately According to my Iphone & Happy Weekend

Here in the Garfield household we have been SO busy! With this being the last weekend before school starts for Jayden, we are going to party like its nobody's business. We are kicking the weekend off tonight by going on a big group date to the Drive-In Movies to see The Bourne Legacy & The Dark Knight. Then tomorrow we are going to Lagoon! Jayden and I haven't been to Lagoon together  yet. I wanted to go last summer, but couldn't because I was pregnant. Jayden's family will watch Gavin for us, so we can have the day to ourselves. Then Sunday we are going to relax, relax, relax, and catch up on sleep before the weekend's over/until I see Jayden again aka Christmas time. Haha. Jayden will be so busy this semester, so I'm not counting on seeing him much until finals are over. With that said, we need to get as much Jayden time as we can this weekend.

Gavin loves to climb underneath this table and hang out

My Grandpa was in town for the Outdoor Retailers show, so we went by and visited his booth

Someone thought that Shloe was a real name

Visiting JoLynn for her birthday

Hi from Costco

At the zoo waiting for the bird show to start

Cute picture that Drew took

Yummy Saturday Brunch

Our apartments pool party. The had a ton of giveaways, too bad we didn't win anything

Gavin was so tired from swimming

Tepanyaki for dinner

Gavin & Grandpa

Gavin loves his monkey

At Darcy's wedding

Congrats Darcy and Max!

Our ward block party! They go all out!

Meatball sandwiches & pasta salad

On an afternoon walk

Bath time!

Free paradise bakery for lunch!
Wow! Sorry for the picture overload. I'll be surprised if anyone actually finishes reading this whole post.


  1. Your little guy is getting so big! And so freaking adorable! I hope you enjoy your last weekend before school starts...we really should do something together soon!

  2. Pick me! I did. I love it all. So cute.


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