Friday, October 5, 2012

What we have been up to

Here are some activities and things that we have done lately....

Gavin has had a lot of watermelon...

I have taken up crocheting again

My dad came back from Europe and brought us these amazing Belgian chocolates...thanks Dad!

He also brought Gavin back this soccer ball, which he loves and chases around the family room

 Gavin had a play date with his friend Charlie. They are 3 weeks apart


We went with my parents to eat at the Dodo and to the musical "In the Heights"

We have seen lots of pretty fall colors

Gavin is climbing up everything these days

And getting into things he shouldn't...

 Gavin and I spent an afternoon at City Creek

 Gavin wearing his new hat from H&M

Gavin's new clothes from H&M

We have been jogging a lot

 My mom, Gavin, and I went to the "Leonardo" museum in downtown SLC

We saw an amazing photography exhibit on water

Met Jayden at Red Mango

Gavin had his 9 month checkup

We spent a Friday night at Iggy's watching sports and eating dinner

We spent a Saturday at the planetarium 

 Gavin played with at the City Creek play area

I took pictures of my handsome boys after church

Gavin doesn't like grocery shopping very much...

We have been on lots of fall walks around the neighborhood 

I have to brag for a second.... I am playing fantasy football with Jayden and 6 other guys...Well I am the only one that is undefeated...Oh yeah! And my name is Queen of the League 

We went to lunch at Thanksgiving Point with my parents

 We visited my grandma and Gavin loved her basket of pinecones

Gavin went swimming for probably the last time this season

We have been going to "Book Baby" every Wednesday

We brought a Cafe Rio picnic over to campus for dinner so Jayden could eat with us

And there you have it!

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