Monday, October 22, 2012

San Francisco- Golden Gate Park & the 49er's Game

We just got back from our trip to San Francisco, we had a blast! This is the first set of many pictures that we took. Gavin & I left with my Mom and Drew Thursday morning bright and early. ( A 6:45 flight). My dad was already in San Francisco and picked us up from the airport. Jayden couldn't come out with us on Thursday because of work and school. He flew out Friday afternoon to meet up with us. The first day we went to Golden Gate park. The park is beautiful. We went to the Japanese Tea Gardens and the conservatory. It was a fun afternoon and we did a lot of walking. The weather was so nice and warm. After the park, we headed to the 49er's game. It was a our first time at an NFL game. The traffic was horrible, and the game was really hot, but it was well worth it. It was quite the experience and a lot of fun. I even had 3 people playing in the game from my fantasy football team!

The beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens
Flowers at the conservatory


Gavin and Grandpa

More of the Japanese Tea Gardens

Little brother Drew & I with Gavin

Grandma & Grandpa with Gavin

At the 49ers game

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