Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Break Getaway

This last week was Jayden's fall break, so we decided to take a little getaway. We had my parents watch Gavin all day Monday (he stayed the night) and part of Tuesday. We drove down to Cedar City and had lunch at Pastry Pub ( which is the best!) then we drove up the canyon and stopped at Cedar Breaks. Cedar Breaks is incredible! After spending a few hours enjoying the canyon, we checked into our hotel at Brian Head. We had time to take a little nap, then it was time to head out for dinner. We had dinner at Milts. The food is SO good. We both had the filet mignon with 3 fried shrimp. Oh man. I usually don't eat that heavy of food, so I definitely felt it after, but it was SO worth it. After dinner, we drove back down to Cedar City to the Shakespeare festival to see Les Miserables. Les Mis was amazing! We are so excited for the movie to come out this Christmas. After Les Mis, we drove back up to Brian Head to spend the night. The next morning had breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. It was delicious and the hotel and restaurant were empty because of the off season. We drove back after breakfast and stopped in Provo to see Pitch Perfect, which was so funny. Then we picked Gavin back up, it was so good to see him (even though we only had been gone 36 hours, it seemed like a long time to be away from him!!).


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  1. what a fun little getaway! love your gorgeous fall photos!


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