Sunday, February 24, 2013

14 Months

Gavin is now 14 months, I can't believe how fast time is going! Our little toddler is talking so much. His vocabulary has really exploded this month.

His favorite word is still ball. Here are some things that he can say

muh (for milk)

he knows quite a few more words than this, but these are his most popular ones

he has also learned a few 2 word phrases:

"da ball"
"Pooh Bear"
"good job"
"night night"

He understands SO much.  If you ask him to do something he knows what you are asking him. For example, if we are in the family room and I ask him to bring me a book, he goes into his room to his bookcase and picks out a book and brings it back.

We also have a fish. If you ask him to show you the fish he will run over to it and point and show you.

Gavin hates the bath. He usually has to shower with Jayden or take a bath with me, which he likes. He just hates being in the tub by himself.

Gavin has been really good at learning how to communicate. When he is done eating in his highchair, he says "down" to let you know he wants down. When he is tired and wants to nap or go to bed he says "night night". If he is thirsty he goes to the fridge and says "muh".

Gavin is wearing size 5-6 shoes and is wearing mostly 2T clothing.

Gavin LOVES books. He has two books that are his favorite and he brings them to us probably 20
+ times a day to read. He is really sweet and shares his food and tries to feed other people. He also helps me clean and loves to be recognized. He is such a sweetheart and gives lots of kisses. He is starting to want to sit on my lap more, which I love. When we are in nursery or around other people he will come and sit on my lap. He gets jealous of my attention. If I am doing anything other than paying attention to him, he will definitely let you know.

 He was scared to be on the giraffe for a second...but then liked it and gave him a hug
 Giving his giraffe a big hug

 He loves putting his hand in his puppy puppet

 Gavin bringing me a book to read

 Lots of hugs for Pooh Bear

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