Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our BIG News!

We have accepted a job in Jacksonville, Florida. We will be calling Florida our new home! 

We are excited for this opportunity and for the job that Jayden has been offered. Jayden starts on June 17th, so we will be moving within the next few weeks. Here are some photos of Jacksonville that I found on google. It is fun to explore and learn about where we will be living. 


  1. So excited!!! Here's to new adventures!!

  2. Congrats Chloe, Jayden, Gavin and baby!! the east coast is amazing and how fun that you are so close to the Georgia boarder!! you will LOVE being able to drive up the coast and visit some many amazing places. keep us updated and good luck packing! xo

  3. It looks so beautiful there! what an adventure! I just hope it doesn't mean your parents will move closer to you. ;) they need to stay in Alpine! I would love to see you before you leave! when are you in Alpine? Congratulations on the job!


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