Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Blog Design/Confessions of Being 6 Months Pregnant

Hi all! Welcome to our new blog design and new name. We had to change our blog name, since we are no longer just a family of 3.

Being 6 months pregnant, I am going to share some of my favorite pregnancy items this time around. I am also going to share my biggest cravings for this pregnancy (some are kind of weird!)

I just bought a Boppy total body pregnancy pillow a little over a week ago. It has changed the way I sleep! Jayden and I have both been sleeping so much better and I haven't been tossing and turning all night, which would wake Jayden up too. It was worth the money, and I can already feel a difference with my back.

I love that maxi skirts are so in style right now. They are the best during pregnancy. Stretchy and so comfy.

I started using Bio-Oil a while back (around week 12) but it got packed with our stuff when we moved. I just found it again this week and have been back to using it! I love the way it makes your skin feel. It helps minimize stretch marks and keep your skin nice and soft!

During the first trimester when I was really nauseous these granola bars were my lifesaver! I would eat one first thing in the morning and they worked like a charm to calm my stomach and help me get throug the morning. The great thing is that I never got sick of them and still eat them for a snack. 

I bought this petunia pickle bottom diaper bag right before I became pregnant. With Gavin, it has been the best for my back. I can use it as a purse or a backpack and it keeps my hand free.

I have had some usual and unusual cravings this pregnancy. My biggest craving pregnant or not pregnant is Mexican food...

 I have been craving green onions the most during the pregnancy. I eat them on everything! They make everything taste better.

 The classic pregnant woman craves pickles....and I have like crazy!

These are the perfect size to fight out a chocolate craving

I have loved bacon this pregnancy, which I normally don't like that much not pregnant!

Also, I have been loving mustard so much this pregnancy.

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