Monday, July 22, 2013

Pregnancy Update - Almost 24 Weeks

Between moving to Florida and getting settled into our home, I have neglected to document my pregnancy as I had hoped. Last pregnancy, I had the time to update every week. This pregnancy has been flying by and I can't believe we will be at 24 weeks on Friday.

I am feeling great. This is the fun stage of pregnancy where you feel energized and you love feeling the baby move. I have been so busy lately that I would forget to take time to feel baby girl kick. I thought she wasn't very active, but when I took the time to notice, she was active all along.

Last night Jayden and I were watching a movie. Jayden had his hand on my stomach and she was just kicking away. If we would press down on ny belly she would give a very assertive kick back, letting us know she was there. I have been feeling her move for quite a while now, but it is fun to be able to feel the big kicks and movements.  She already seems like she has a fun and sassy personality.  We can't wait to meet her. We have been buying a few more baby girl things to stock up and prepare for her arrival.

Gavin is understanding so much more about the baby than I thought at this age. He amazes me with his love he already has for her. He will lift up my shirt and give her a kiss. He often comes and lays his sweet head on my belly as he wraps his arms around me.

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