Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Fourth of July

Phew! I'm back to blogging....well kinda. We are almost all settled into our new place, but still have a lot to organize and do! I haven't had internet for the last week and won't have it for another week, so Gavin and I are chilling by the pool to use the internet cafe's wifi at our place. I haven't had a photo editing program either, since my hard drive crashed right before we moved. So I'm trying my best to keep up with our blog while things are kind of crazy right now. 

Here are some photos from our Fourth of July. Our 4th was awesome! Our ward had a breakfast at 8 am. There was a flag raising ceremony, a bike parade, and a pancake breakfast. Later in the afternoon we explored our new place. There's a beautiful nature trail right on the property where we live. We walked through the trees and saw the lake that is on the property too! After that, we met up with 2 families from our ward and went swimming at our communities pool. Then we were invited over for dinner at the family's that live in our community. It was great! We then went over to our bishops family's house for dessert and fireworks. It was a great fourth of July!

Sorry the photos are out of order, but Gavin wasn't letting me do anymore on the laptop. haha. 

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