Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lovely St. Augustine

We visited St. Augustine when we first moved here, and we loved it. Since my family is here visiting this week, we decided it would be fun to visit St. Augustine and show them around. Jayden had to work, so he wasn't able to go. We started off our day by walking around the downtown area and looking for a place to eat lunch. We ate at a Greek restaurant called "Athena". The food was delicious and you could tell it was very authentic. We then walked around some more and made our way over to the Ponce de Leon Hotel, or now Flaglers College. I fell in love with this place last time we were in St. Augustine so I took my family back to see it. When we were there last time, the fountain was under construction, so it was fun to see it finished. Then we went to a park nearby and rode the merry go round and let Gavin play at the park for a bit.

The fountain at Flaglers College

Gavin's diaper wasn't on all the way (it somehow came undone on one side) so he peed through his pants first thing in the morning. I didn't have an extra pair of pants, so he went around in a shirt and diaper all day! Haha

Gavin and Papa Mike at Flaglers College

Gavin LOVES frogs. The fountain had frogs all around it, which he went up and kissed each one. 

This is the Rotunda inside the girls dorms. Can you imagine this being in your dorm? Crazy!

Gavin eating frozen keylime pie on a stick

Gavin and Grandma Tiffany

Riding the Merry go Round with Uncle Drew

Our delicious Greek lunch

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