Friday, August 30, 2013

Videos From this Week

I have been a lot better at taking videos of Gavin lately. He is learning and changing so much that I want to remember each of his learning stages. Some of the videos are probably a little boring, and some are just of our everyday moments. 

1. Gavin loves to jump off of the couch and line pillows on the ground to jump on to. 
2. Gavin opening his new monster trucks
3. Playing at the park
4.Gavin finally decided to try out the big boy slide at the playground at our complex. 
5. When we were at dinner last week, Gavin thought a lime was a frog or some little animal, he was scared of it but loved try to fling it across the table and thought it was really funny. The video quality isn't very good though. 
6. Gavin has been really into monster trucks and hot air balloons lately. He has a book that has both in it, and he always shows you where they are. 

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