Thursday, September 12, 2013

31 Weeks

Being 31 weeks pregnant, Lily will be here before we know it! We are in the homestretch and time is winding down. I have been feeling really well still, not too uncomfortable and I still have a good amount of energy. The one thing that has been really bothering me this week is itching! My belly itches so bad. It is red and scratchy. I use bio oil everyday and use unscented lotion, but it is still driving me crazy. I also have been getting rashes on my forearms. I asked my doctor about this and she said it is probably just a weird pregnancy symptom. My arms and belly itch pretty much all day long. It is really hard not to scratch them but I know it will make it worse. Lily has been moving so much this week. She has gone from the kicks and jabs to rolling motions. I can feel her swipe a foot or hand across and I can feel all four limbs kicking/punching at once. Watching my belly has been fun, it is like a big wave. Gavin has been telling me this week, "Mama baby out!" He really understands a lot about Lily and I think he is really excited for her to be here.

This week I have been sewing Lily's quilt. I am really excited how it is turning out, and can't wait to share it when it is all done!

Gavin loves to give my belly big hugs and kisses. It is so sweet!

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