Monday, September 16, 2013

Gavin at 21 Months

Gavin has learned how to talk in almost complete sentences this month. It is incredible how much he learns every day. He is even learning different tenses. For example, he will pick up something and say "ready break" and throw it on the ground. Then if it breaks he will say, "oh no broke!". It's really cool to watch him learn things on his own and put together sentence structures and tenses that we haven't taught him. Gavin has also learned how to say his name this last week. He can't quite say the "G" sound, so it sounds more like "Mavin" or "Mamin". It's cute, if he falls or bumps his head he will say, "Mavin OK!"

 Gavin is also quite aware of things that are his. He has become attached to a few specific items that he has to have during the day. Gavin's favorite foods are tomatoes and avocados. Gavin doesn't like bread at all. It is really the one thing that he won't eat. Gavin LOVES chocolate chips. He is constantly going to the pantry and asking me for chocolate chips. Gavin is quite the fearless little boy. He loves to run and jump off of things. He also plays "tackle" with Jayden. Gavin doesn't like to sit still at all. He is constantly on the move.

The last few weeks Gavin has been very aware of the sun and the moon. He knows when he sun comes up in the morning then it is time to wake up. A few mornings ago, Gavin woke up really early, and he slept in our bed for about an hour or so. We told him that he couldn't get out of bed yet because it was still dark. As soon as it was light outside, he woke me up and said, "Momma the sun up! Out of bed now". haha. Gavin loves to help. He loves to help carry groceries in and carry the trash out. He is really good at throwing away his garbage.

We haven't started to introduce potty training to Gavin, because he is really interested. We haven't fully taken the plunge quite yet. Once we start, I want to be committed to it. Gavin loves anything that is for Lily. He is quite attached to a few of her things. If you ask him who the baby clothes are for he will tell you, "baby Lily".

Today Gavin fell asleep on our bed. I decided to snap a few photos of him while he was sleeping. When he woke up I kept on taking pictures, and I think these capture his personality really well!

He wasn't quite awake yet, but as soon as he saw the camera he pulled this ultimate cheesy. Lately, for some reason he thinks he is supposed to close his eyes for pictures. 

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