Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Taking Photos of Gavin // Showing the Bloopers //

I love taking photos of Gavin, but boy is it hard! Gavin won't sit still for more than half a second. I have to take what feels like a hundred pictures before I get a decent one. We do get a lot of good pictures, but there are a lot of pictures that don't turn out so well, but they are sure funny to look at. This morning Gavin was being such a ham for the camera, but not holding still enough. There was really good lighting in our family room, but I didn't want to turn my ISO up too high, so in order for the photos not to be blurry he had to hold still. We got a few that turned out really cute. 

First for the cute ones....

Now here are the bloopers of the batch. They are pretty funny and I still like them because they say a lot about Gavin and his personality!

Refusing to look at the camera:

 Wanting to get way too close to the camera:

Running towards the camera:

 Not sure what's going on in this one. haha. 

Not holding still:

Trying to grab the camera:

And just being a goofball:

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