Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our week

For Valentines Day we got Gavin a set of bathtub crayons. He LOVES them!
When Gavin and Lily both take naps at the same time it is so wonderful!
The roses that Jayden got us for Valentines Day lasted for almost 2 weeks! We sure enjoyed having them around the house
I can't believe how big my baby girl is getting!
One day Gavin disappeared into our room for a minute and then came out with a brush. He had me sit on the couch while he brushed my hair. 
The weather has been chilly this week, but last week it was so nice! Our apartment was giving out popsicles by the pool when it was 83 degrees :)
Last weekend we made a really yummy homemade bbq chicken pizza on wheat crust. It was delicious!
Then we ate it in the family room and had a picnic while we watched a Bugs Life

I love sweet baby snuggles

I'm pretty excited because eating healthy and working out is paying off. I am able to fit into a few pairs of pre pregnancy pants now! Wahoo! The picture on the left was a few days before Lily was born. The right picture was last weekend

Gavins handsome suit coat that my mom found for him. It was raining on our way home from church so that's why it is wet. 
Gavin has been SO good around Lily lately. He plays with her and loves on her all day. He is a great big brother!

Here is a picture of Gavin and Lily both at 3.5 months
Lily loves to stand on her legs, she is getting really strong!

Gavin stretching with Jayden after our workout a few nights ago .
My Grandma Borden made this sweet headband for Lily, and 2 other ones too!

The view from our run the other night

A few days ago, I was taking some photos of Lily while Gavin slept on our bed. She fell asleep too. It was nice getting some work done while watching my babies sleep. 

This picture cracks me up, because clearly they weren't too happy that I was taking their picture!

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