Monday, December 19, 2011

39 weeks & Bokeh

Today is the first day of my Christmas break. Jayden is working this week and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby G. I am trying to relax and not let the waiting get to me too much. I have been trying to keep myself busy and to have fun. Today we had a doctors appointment and everything is still looking good. I will have to admit that it was a pretty disappointing appointment. The last two weeks I have only been at 1 cm dilated. I was hoping that I could have my membranes stripped today, but that would mean I would have to be dilated to at least a 2. Unfortunately, I am still only 1 cm dilated. However, my cervix is a little more thinned out, to about a 70%. Dilated and effacement aren't good indicators of when labor will start, since it is different for everyone. At least my body is getting ready and it really could be anytime now, so we are keeping our fingers crossed!
39 weeks and 2 days

Today I had some fun playing around with my camera and our Christmas tree lights. I wanted to try Bokeh, which is a photography technique which includes blurred lights. These are the images that I got, I think they turned out pretty good.

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  1. I think hearing about how far people are dilated is so exciting cause it's like building up to the climax! You're so cute and your pictures are gorgeous. I'm jealous of your camera. You really are a good photographer. I've been amazed with so many of your pictures.


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