Friday, December 16, 2011

Salt Lake City Lovin'

I LOVE living in Salt Lake. Ever since I graduated high school, I have lived in Salt Lake City while attending the University of Utah. Every year that I have lived in Salt Lake, I have lived somewhere different. My first year, I lived in the dorms on campus at the U. My second year I lived in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, which is where I met Jayden, and there were a lot of awesome adventures living downtown. My third year ( the first year Jayden and I were married) we lived on Foothill Dr. which is close to Parleys canyon. This year we still live in the same apartment complex as last year, just a different apartment. Living in different parts of Salt Lake City, we have gotten to know Salt Lake City pretty well. There are a lot of great things to do and see in Salt Lake City, and we are discovering new things all the time. I want to start sharing some of my favorite things about Salt Lake City with everyone, that everyone might not know. I will start these posts regularly, but for today, I want to share some pictures of Salt Lake City that I took not too long ago. Salt Lake City really comes alive at night and has such a different feel than during the day. These are photos that were taken at night of downtown Salt Lake City. I love the way night photographs look. I hope you like them, and I would love feedback!

Oh and they look way better if you open them up and look and them full screen sized!

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  1. These photographs are BEAUTIFUL Chloe! I miss Salt Lake SO MUCH! and i thank you for sharing!


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