Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Drive/Walk

Last Sunday, we took a family drive up Parleys Canyon. We went up Lambs Canyon to go explore. We got out a few times to walk and look at the beautiful fall leaves. Gavin loved the river and putting his feet in it. He also loved picking up leaves and flowers. We love fall!


  1. oh my word! your baby is precious! gorgeous eyes

    stop by for a visit,

    lydia from vintage2vogue

  2. Love your blog! Your family is so adorable!! I want to meet the little guy:)

  3. These pictures are beautiful! So talented.

  4. I just posted a comment but I don't think it worked. You're so talented! Love all of these pictures! xoxo

  5. Gavin just gets cuter and cuter if that is possible! He's going to be a heart breaker! I love fall too and love these beautiful pics!


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