Sunday, September 30, 2012

9 Months

Gavin is now 9 months and a week old. He has his 9 month check up this last week. Oh boy is he growing! Gavin is SO tall. He also has slimmed down a bit now that he is so active. Here are his stats:

Height: 31 inches....99% (where did this come from?!)
Weight: 23 pounds 1 oz....84% ( compared to his 96% he has been since he was born)
Head: 17.7 inches...40%

Now where to begin. Gavin has changed SO much this week. He is so close to walking. At the doctor's office, the doctor said he would bet ( and write on paper) that Gavin would be walking within a few weeks! Eek! I actually will be excited for him to walk, because right now he constantly follows me around the house. He pulls himself up on my legs, but then can't go anywhere. Gavin can pull himself up to standing on anything he wants now. He is a very strong little boy. He will walk around furniture or anything he can hold on to. He will walk with you if you are holding one hand. The Doctor said that Gavin is the size of an average 14 month old. When we were talking to the doctor Gavin would NOT hold still. He wiggles his way off of your lap and has a hard time not wanting to go move everywhere. Our doctor was surprised how much he wanted to get off of my lap. He said that is typical of 1 year old or even older. So Gavin thinks he is so much older than he really is! Just like Jayden and I were when we were little. Haha. 

Sleeping........has been rough this week. Gavin has always been the BEST sleeper, so I can't complain too much. Well for about the last 2 weeks, Gavin learned how to stand up in his crib. This has been a big road bump for sleeping. He is having a hard time going to sleep because he just wants to stand up in his crib. If he hears ANY noise he jumps up to standing. A lot of the time he will just stand there. And stand there. And cry. And stand there. That is until we come get him. He has been pretty stubborn about it. Also, he has a hard time falling asleep without a stuffed animal and a blanket. The problem with this is that I won't allow him to actually sleep with a blanket. So we let him fall asleep with it, and then go take it out. This works fine when he goes to bed (around 8) because we are awake. However, if he wakes up during the night, then we have to stay awake until he is asleep enough to take it out. We are trying to just let him cry until he goes back down in his crib and falls asleep on his own, but boy is he stubborn!

Gavin is a huge mammas boy to say the least. When I am doing chores around the house, he will just follow me around and cry "mamamamamamama". He also can say "dada", "baba", "hey", and "Jesus". 
Ok, you are probably wondering how he can say "Jesus". There is a story that goes along with this. There is a picture of Christ in our hall, and ever since Gavin was little we would show him the painting and say "This is Jesus". One night last week, Jayden and I showed him the picture, and Jayden asked, "Gavin, who is this". Clear as day, Gavin replied. "Jesus". Jayden and I just looked at each other dumbfounded like, did that REALLY just happen??? Since then he has said it a few more times and he gets so excited when he sees the picture. However, the first time was the most clear he has said it. 

Gavin loves ALL animals. He is so inquisitive and very mischievous. He gets into everything, but he loves exploring and trying to figure out whats going on. Yesterday we took Gavin to the City Creek play area for kids in the food court. He loved it so much! He just followed the kids around and kept laughing at the kids playing around him. Not once did he look back to see where we were. He is so brave! Speaking of being brave, Gavin is fearless. He isn't afraid to try and walk and to try and walk. He has had quite a few falls and bumps so far. At first he would cry when he would fall, but now he just grunts and gets back up. It doesn't phase him much. Sometimes he will fall and he will look at you and laugh. 

Gavin is so much fun at this age and he has such unconditional love. He loves everyone and everything and is such a good baby! I can't see what the next few months will bring. It is crazy to think that there are less than 3 months until Gavin's first birthday!

This is Gavins "cheese" face when the camera flash comes on

This boy is fearless!

Trying to climb up mama. 

One of his many tantrums he is starting to throw

Ok, we're fine now. 

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